Office hours are available in-person by appointment only, or virtually as scheduled.

Fall office hours:*

Monday-Thursday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Friday and evening appointments available upon request.

Phone: 207-594-9764

*Office hours are conducted via phone, email, or video conference unless an in-person appointment is scheduled in advance following safety guidelines.

Adult & Community Education Specializes in:

High School Completion

* Adult Education High School Diploma

College Transitions

* Summer Chemistry
* College Next
* 1:1 Tutoring
* Math 009 Tutoring

English Language Learning

* Conversation Class
* Citizenship Preparation Class


* Youth Summer Mural Project

Workforce Training

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    VIRTUAL English Language Learning Citizenship Preparation Class

    This class is designed for someone who is looking to prepare for the United States Citizenship Test.  Practice for your Citizenship interview, review your N-400 form, and study American government and civics in our 8 week Citizenship Prep class. All are welcome!

  • Staff Contacts:

    Christy Monroe, Director, 

    Caitlin Clark, Academic Coordinator, 

    Callie Saulniers, Program Assistant, 

    Peg Junge, Lead Math Instructor,

    Brenda Hio-Hamdan, Lead English Instructor, 

    Elizabeth DiLalla, English Language Learning Instructor,

    Sean Pfahler, Science Instructor,

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