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MSAD#5 Adult Education Graduation

MSAD#5 hosted its 2009 Adult Education graduation on Friday, June 12th, presenting 12 Diplomas. Graduates attending the ceremony include Jaynie Butler of Rockland, Crystal Davey of Thomaston, Jennifer Eastman of Rockland, Amber Grant of Rockland, Krista Murphy of Thomaston, Caleb O'Brien of Thomaston, Shane Preston of Rockland, Amy Rackliff of Rockland, Casey Robinson of Union, Meghan Runius of Rockland, Joy Skarka of Thomaston and Sheldon Woodcock of Rockland. In total, MSAD#5 awarded 29 GEDs and 6 Adult Education Diplomas during the 2008-2009 school year.

Crystal Davey of Thomaston, graduate and mother of two, was the student speaker for the ceremony. Her poignant words spoke of how important it is to have outside support, both from younger and older generations: "Children are an inspiration to all young parents. They make you want to do the very best in everything that you do. The support of friends and family is what helped me finish this great accomplishment. I know now my children can look up to the person I am today, and the person I will be in the future." Crystal has been working toward her GED while raising two young children. Her five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter joined her in celebrating, along with her fiancé-also a GED graduate-and family. Crystal plans to continue her formal education.

Dr. Judith Lucarelli, MSAD#5 Superintendent of Schools, proudly handed out diplomas. Her speech challenged graduates to work toward their next degree, making lifelong learning part of their personal goals: "This is an amazing group of dedicated, determined people that we honor tonight. You have chosen the harder path: not for you, the simple task of earning a diploma by going to school every day through twelfth grade. You, for a whole range of reasons known best by you, stepped aside from that path and made the choice as adults to complete your first degree, the diploma to be awarded tonight. My challenge to you is that this not be the end of your learning. You know better than ANY of the members of the class of 2009 at RDHS who received their diplomas on Tuesday. You know better than them that learning is something that adults do and thrive on. You know that you will continue for the rest of your life. For your whole life, BE A STUDENT."

Edward Mazurek, Maine State Representative from Rockland, was scheduled to be the guest speaker, however he was unable to make the graduation ceremony as he is co-chair of the Transportation Committee in Augusta and they were trying to pass their budget on Friday. Shannon Parker, MSAD#5 Director of Adult Education, read Mazurek's speech to the graduates and their guests. Mazurek remarks included wisdom for all attendees: "If you learn anything from this experience, remember that it is never too late to accomplish something you set your heart and mind to doing. It is never too late to dream your highest dream, and never too late to think the ‘impossible' and to achieve it. Enjoy this night, for today you have attained yesterday's dream."

Students earning their GED (General Education Development) Diplomas worked within MSAD#5's full time Adult Learning Center located at the McLain School, while Adult Education High School Diploma students took credit bearing classes in the evenings at Rockland District High School. Nearly 150 family members and friends of the graduates joined in the celebration. "Each graduate has worked hard to overcome obstacles and attain their academic goal. It is an incredible achievement for which they should be very proud," says Beth A. Gifford, GED instructor and Director of Literacy Volunteers of Midcoast Maine.


Posted by Shannon Parker  on June 17, 2009 | Read more in: News